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The "Ahavat Yisrael" hesder yeshiva in Netivot

.Established in 2000, the "Ahavat Yisrael" Yeshiva in Netivot now has nearly 100 students

The Yeshiva's main goal is to raise a generation of learned, G-d-fearing Torah scholars, with wide horizons, an open mind and a pioneering spirit, and the ability to put their studies into practice. The Yeshiva sees Torah study as the primary means of building the character of these future leaders, so that they will express their religious faith in all aspects of daily life as well as in their Halachic practice. The Yeshiva educates its students to develop their character according to an internalized system of values, whose peak is Dvekut in G-d and following His ways. Learning Torah in this way will produce adults who live a significant Torah life, are constantly seeking to improve their characters (Tikkun Middot), take on educational missions, and have a deep sense of responsibility for the Jewish People. The Yeshiva sees volunteer experience as an indispensable component in developing the students' social consciousness, as expressed clearly in the Yeshiva's name, which means "love of the Jewish people".


A very special environment has been formulated within the Yeshiva that includes students from the Ethiopian community. This has been done out of faith that creating such a integrative society in the local "Garin Torani" and in the Yeshiva will radiate outward and constitute a role model community that people will want to associate themselves with.


As part of its educational vision, which, as noted, inculcates not only the value of Torah study but the importance of volunteering and giving to others, the Yeshiva integrates army service with Torah study in the framework of the "hesder"; students are enlisted in the army for 48 months, which include 16 months of active combat duty.



Moreover, the Yeshiva functions as the spiritual center of the local "Garin Torani" – a group of young families and individuals who have settled in Netivot and work to advance the town socially, educationally, and religiously. The Yeshiva students participate in various educational projects in the town. Each student volunteers two hours each week in the local educational system and in different communal activities.

As of today, after 14 years of activity, 50 of the Yeshiva's alumni have stayed in Netivot and built their homes in the city.

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לחצן תרומה

For more information please contact us: 

rabbi shimon israeli - manager

Mobile: +972 52-743-0426

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